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 Fourm Clean out !

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PostSubject: Fourm Clean out !   Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:35 am

Okay, i have come up with a solution to get everyone IC and open the main. I have matching teles on my other acc .:Finalkiss:. but it turns out that even after i validate the email, i have to let my acc be at least 3 days old. Now, me n c19 were talking, and we are going to use another pair of his teles to connect the main with Cici's battlefield.

NOW, the way i see the forums going looks to spam and non IC attacks. This needs to stop, the rpg will be open today [Sunday] as long as both c19 and Cici is logged on. i want to clean out everything in the forum EXPECT the bios and the OOC categories. I may have to assign allies because right now, its UK, Iraq, possibly Russia vs US. And, the US doesn't have that many IC people, so its an easy open target. I will give ally assigning one more chance. I was hoping allies would be assigned before the rpg started so we could have a good RPG at a good start. i say we void all of the shit and start over, also ban nukes. Lets not go literally whipping each other out. I don't mind bombing attacks in other countries. But i'm going to make the rule, if you kill the GoA, and FC, and president/prime minister [ thinking of adding a few more. ] Then you defeat the other country.
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Fourm Clean out !
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