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 New: USA; 1Lt. Joshua Miller; Military Intelligence

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PostSubject: New: USA; 1Lt. Joshua Miller; Military Intelligence   Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:57 pm

1. Real name: Chris

2. Age: 16

3. Can you roleplay?: Oh Yeah!

4. How long have you been role playing for?: For an While I guess

------------------------------------------------------[ Basic IC Information. ]----------------------------------------------------

1. Character name: Joshua Miller
2. Character age: 27

3. Character fights for: United States of America.

4. Character ethnicity: American and New Yorker

5. Character Faction: U.S Army, Military Intelligence
6. Character Rank: 1st Lieutenant (Lt.)

7. Character class: Intel

8. Character specialties: Air And Ground Support

9. Character Personality: Trustworthy, leadership,Funny, Smartass.

10. Character History: He Graduate from Stanford,Yale,and West Point. He Studied in Military Intelligence at West Point
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New: USA; 1Lt. Joshua Miller; Military Intelligence
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