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 Natalia Sakarov

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PostSubject: Natalia Sakarov   Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:45 pm

-----------------------------------------------------[ OOC Information.]--------------------------------------------
OOC Information:

1. Real name: Tina

2. Age: 16

3. Can you roleplay?: Not at all.

4. How long have you been role playing for? just started

------------------------------------------------------[ Basic IC Information ] ------------------------------------

1. Character name: Natalia Sakarov

2. Character age: 27

3. Character fights for: Unknown

4. Character ethnicity: Russian

5. Character Faction: G.R.A.P.O

6. Character Rank: Unknown

7. Character class: Leader

8. Character specialties: Everything.

9. Character Personality: Shes pretty laid back and calm [ though filled with anger ] , loves Getting her way , and stops at nothing.

10. Character equipment: Duel m9's

---------------------------------------------[ Character history ]----------------------------------------------------
Natalia Was a lonely kid growing up , until her mother married giving her a step brother , even then they barely talked , she paided more attention to her work then anything. At passed highschool with accelerated Knowledge , And Took college for 2 years . after college , Her mother was killed in a bank robbery. natalia grew angry to this , in hope her mother would live to see her children , as she never would , before natalia could act . then death sent her to combat training , arms proficiency , and leadership . she then read on about extremist literature and supported eastern-european dictatorship thinking they were the greater good. her stuck by her side getting all the support to help her . as more joined they helped small countrys become communist countrys , and took jobs they offered , after that they noticed how much power they were gaining , thust turning into a terroist orginization ; GRAPO

[Might Change =/ ]
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Natalia Sakarov
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