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 Major Domonic Cortez. [ US ] Status: MIA

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PostSubject: Major Domonic Cortez. [ US ] Status: MIA   Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:10 pm

-----------------------------------------------------------Bio-------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
Dom is a Sniper in the United states of America's Army. He graduated Top of his Class in Sniping academy, and is a One man sniping squad, he does his own spotting, and works well with other men, like Light machine gunners and Infantry. He is a Blackbelt In Tae Kwan Do, A champion In Ametuer Thai Boxing, And Wrestling. He aslo has a Brown belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. He has practiced Kendo, Fencing, and Knife fights.

After Seeing his parents killed at the hand of a major crime organization, he vowed to train as hard as he could. The situation was as follows: "I want you to know man, you see your wife here?" His father looked over to see a mutilated body, looking nothing like his wife, but remembered the locket. He weeps as the man links up a car battery to his [ Yeah] He then screams as he is shocked and tortured. Domonic watches as the men do this, hidden in a cabinet, he is found after the mutilated bodies are disposed of, and they ransack the house. Domonic uses his muay thai skills and elbows the man in the jaw, and well, knocks him out. Domonic finds the knive in the kitchen, and grabs it, he walks along till he see's the one who killed his father. He stabs the man in the Eyes, but doesn't kill him. He is quoted Saying "You made my parents suffer, now you suffer"
[Written on a pice of notebook paper ]Recently he found a man named Jack, suffering from a leg wound. He patched him up with a captured Med Kit, and helped him infiltrate a base. Inside the base he found plans on nuking the USA and he and jack left with the intel, they took a helicopter and have been working with each-other since. Jack left the country, Said he might be back, Hope so. I decided to make my organization a well, organization. Full team. Lock and load.
-> Custom Weapon he has in a helicopter he "took"

-> His Ghillie Suit [ red Tiger ]

-> The vest under his Suit [Includes 3 Layers of Kevlar protection]

-> His Special Knife

-> Him

-> His Rouge Team Modded M21 EBR.

-> His Rouge Team Modded M16A2

-> his Nades'

His Backup Glock, With Silencer, flashlight, extended clip, laser. It uses Bullets commonly found in a Deagle. [ Hidden under his Ghillie, and Vest ]
----------------------------------------------IC Info-----------------------------------------------------------------
Age : 23

Height : 6'4

Weight : 205

Personality : Loyal, Jokester, Serious when needed.

-------------------------------------------------Status: MIA :::Notes: Belived To have gone Rouge [ By the Way, I created all these guns ]
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Major Domonic Cortez. [ US ] Status: MIA
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