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 Great Britian Eh ?

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PostSubject: Great Britian Eh ?   Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:27 pm

Grapo Men Have Slipped Past Britians Defences And Hijacked A Few Tornado f3's With Shadow Missles And Harriers With Carpet Bombs And Poison Gas , They Then Launched They Greatest Attack On Great Britian Known To Man. The Devistation To Britian Is Unexplainable.
This Is There Area Affected , Anyperson who was in this area is long dead .[the circled area]

-a few hours later the prime minister recieves a letter-
- no fingerprints , nothing to be traced -
- it reads -

" For Many Years , You Thought You Were the Best ,
Untouchable you might say , ive come to show you ,
No one is untouchable , anyone can be harmed ,
now i give british people somthing to fear "

OOC: you have no evidence of GRAPO , We are still unknown terroist , this is valid.
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Great Britian Eh ?
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