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 Victor Caison ` Israel special forces

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PostSubject: Victor Caison ` Israel special forces   Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:50 pm

-----------------------------------------------------[ OOC Information. ]----------------------------------------------
OOC Information:
1. Real name: Victor
2. Age: 13
3.Can you roleplay?:Sure
4. How long have you been role playing for? 2 years

------------------------------------------------------[ Basic IC Information. ]-----------------------------------------
1. Character name: Victor Caison
2.Character age: 28
3.Character fights for:Israel
4.Character ethnicity:African American
5.Character Faction: Israel Special Forces
6.Character Rank: Sgt
7. Character class: Commando
8. Character specialties: Sea Ops and Explosives Training
9. Character Personality: Unknown.
10. Character equipment:

Custom Tar 21

Custom Scorpion smg in leg holster

Custom Kukri Knife in vest

custom vest.

---------------------------------------------[ Character history ]---------------------------------------------------
He was born in Arizona were he enlisted in the army and quickly climbed the ranks he became upset with the us army for there choices and dropped out of it and became a private contractor. He was then
found by a Israel army officer and agreed with him to enlist into there special forces program.

Victor in sea ops training

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Victor Caison ` Israel special forces
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