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 New GoA of United Kingdom -World news broad cast- [moved topic ]

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PostSubject: New GoA of United Kingdom -World news broad cast- [moved topic ]   Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:10 pm

-World news board cast-

Reporter: We are live in London, England surrounded by 50 thousand people. Tonight, a NEW general of the army has stepped to to take our former general's position. She is a very young bright lady named Monica Price. She was born in Bristol, England and has a very good family legacy. She is here with us tonight is seconds away form making her speech. Monica, what are your impressions of making our nation a stronger safer place?

Monica: Well, my ideas for England remain classified at the moment, but i will be glad to share some of my doings as general. I am going to tempt to talk to the United States and NATO about sharing their oil with our country. Oil is becoming a problem for this world and it needs to be shared. My other plans are to start drilling in northern United Kingdom. Our oil shipments are being reduced due to the fact that people cant share theirs and our oil is running low. We have recent reports of an underground terrorist organization from an unknown part of the world. We believe it has trails leading from Iraq. Information is still unclear to accuse anybody right now. For now thats all i am allowed to say. I promise to do my best for England and the people of England. Thank you.

-Monica walks away from the stand passing 50,000 people going to her limo-

Reporter: thank you for joining us tonight ladies and gentlemen. More information will be released when we get the word. Good night everybody.
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New GoA of United Kingdom -World news broad cast- [moved topic ]
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