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 Houh-Al Moushir

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PostSubject: Houh-Al Moushir   Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:56 pm


-----------------------------------------------------[ OOC Information. ]---------------------------------------------------------

OOC Information:

1. Real name: RJ.

2. Age: 15.

3. Can you roleplay?: Yes.

4. How long have you been role playing for? 6 Years habbo, Four years ForumRP.

------------------------------------------------------[ Basic IC Information. ]----------------------------------------------------

1. Character name: Houh-Al Moushir.

2. Character age: 25.

3. Character fights for: Pakistan/Middle-East.

4. Character ethnicity: Middle-eastern.

5. Character Faction: N/A.

6. Character Rank: Ex-Major in the Pakistani Military.

7. Character class: Sniper.

8. Character specialties: A quick, precise aim - Expert in Espionage and Stealth.

9. Character Personality: Unpredictable and Dangerous.

10. Character equipment: M24 Sniper Rifle, Steyr M9 Silenced - A Machete, Home-made TNT bombs.
---------------------------------------------[ Character history ]-----------------------------------------------------------

Character History: In the Military, was where Moushir made his name, He was a brute on the battlefield - Leading Assaults on Indian compounds, and actually sabotageing Nuclear Stockpiles, He became a wild man, when in one mission, He ended up killing 34 Civilians, Eight Reserved Personnel of India, and Two Military Policemen, He was taken captive by Indian Forces, but unfortunately, Pakistan had the jurisdiction, and they dropped charges, and eradicateing Moushir from the Special Ops of Pakistan, he is now a free-lance Mercenary on the battlefield, working for the highest bidder.
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Houh-Al Moushir
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