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 Village Massacred

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PostSubject: Village Massacred   Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:23 am

-a lady begins to speak with a thick British accent-

My name is Lisa Olson, and this morning is not a good morning. Late last night a village of over 100 people were massacred in the United Kingdom. The name of this village has not been released. As you can see behind me the bodies being taken care of.

After being shot they were piled on top of each other. Only three 9mm casings were found. Obviously more shots were fired, but whoever did this did not want to be found. Most people have torso wounds, but those with unfatal arms to the limbs received a pistol round to the temple. Doctors have begun inspection on the bodies to try to find the type of round that delievered this tragedy.

The 5.56x45mm, or .223 Remington round is believed to have done this. This means that a military force was behind thise. The United Kingdom government is not trying to point fingers, but they believed it was America due to their standard issue M4A1 which delievers the same type of wounds with the same round.

Helicopter imprints can be seen around the area, ensuring that this was not a terrorist organization. The British government released this statement earllier today.

"We will not let this murderers get away. They will be found and they will suffer. We already have possible leads which makes our search that much easier. We will turnover every stone and find out the sick and twisted mind behind this killing spree."

I'm Lisa Olson, bidding you farewell.

-the camera shuts off-
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Village Massacred
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