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 TF2 ; SSgt. Moreno ; Medic ; Fireteam Bravo ;

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PostSubject: TF2 ; SSgt. Moreno ; Medic ; Fireteam Bravo ;   Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:39 pm


OOC Information:

Name: Jack

Age: 17

Can you rp?: Hell yeah!

How long have you rp'ed for?: 10 months. Just about.


IC Information:


- Left SSgt. Jack Moreno, Middle Colonel Michael Pierce, Right Major Bill Brannigan. Moving together as they clear a small Afghan village
(Also so Avatar picture).

Character Name: Jack Moreno

Character Age: 23

Character place of birth: Michigan, US.

Character Ethnicity: Italian-American

Character fights for: Undetermind

Character Rank: Staff Sergeant (SSgt)

Character Equipment:

() - H&K 416 Assault Rifle with Holo sight, foregrip, and silencer. (Thanks to Jon for website).

() - For sniping missions, a M24 sniper rifle with pipod, scope, and silencer.

() - H&K Mark 23 "Mk23" .45 ACP SOCOM handgun, equipt with a laser guiding dot and a silencer, kept in theigh holster (right).

() - Combat Knife, kept in theigh holster (left).

() - M2 Frag grenades.

() - Urban Kevlar Vest, worn on chest. Holds ammo for ACR, and for the Mk23. With a med-kit, a flashlight, extra batteries, handcuffs, and a picture of family (Mother, brother, wife, son and daughter.)

Character Personality: Jack's personality cannot be said.

Character Specializes in: Medical Treatment.


"The New Guy"

"Welcome to the Rangers" One of Jack's fellow soldiers says, Sgt. Johnson. "Thanks" Says Jack. Jack and Johnson walk around the base, Johnson telling where and what things are. They then lead him to the firing range. "All right, Private. You need to run the firing range. Good luck." Johnson steps back, Jack grabs a M4A1 from the table and aims down the range. "GO!" Yells Johnson, just after a target pops up. Jack shoots it down with ease. Another one pops up, he shoots it. As the second one, he shoots it down. 2 pops up at the same time. He shoots one and shoots the other. 5 targets pop up at the same time. Jack grips to a grenade, pulls the pin, and throws. They all go down after the bang. Sgt. Johnson congratulates him. They then get a message from Pvt. Henry, that the 75th is moving out. They were going to a small village for an assault. They pack into the humvees. Jack gets ontop to the turrent in the roof. And they leave the base for the assault.

-More to come-
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TF2 ; SSgt. Moreno ; Medic ; Fireteam Bravo ;
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