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 TF121 Captain Mark "Deadeye" Hill REDONE.

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Captain Hill

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PostSubject: TF121 Captain Mark "Deadeye" Hill REDONE.   Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:52 pm

-----------------------------------------------------[ OOC Information. ]---------------------------------------------------------

OOC Information:

1. Real name: Chase

2. Age: [ optional ]

3. Can you roleplay?: Indeed.

4. How long have you been role playing for? [ Be honest ] Since '05

------------------------------------------------------[ Basic IC Information. ]----------------------------------------------------

1. Character name: Mark Hill

2. Character age: 36

3. Character fights for: [ ex: Nazis, America, UK, japan, etc. ] TF121, Britain.

4. Character ethnicity: Irish

5. Character Faction: [ If in one ] TF121

6. Character Rank: [ If you have one ] Captain

7. Character class: Commander

8. Character specialties: [ Ex: planes, tanks, etc ] Melee, and long ranged combat.

9. Character Personality: Calm, Takes control when unorganized.

10. Character equipment: [ Please be realistic. ]

M4A1 Carbine w/ Holographical + M203, P226

x6 C4, Motion trip alarms, x3 Flash Bangs, x2 Blue smoke, Radio, Flashlight, Night Vision goggles, Binoculars, x4 Mags for M4, x3 Grenades for M203, x2 Mags for P226
---------------------------------------------[ Character history ]-----------------------------------------------------------

Character History: [ At least one good paragraph - 4 + sentences. ]

Mark is a Former S.W.A.T Commander, having experience in Tactics. His family comes form a long line of Military soldiers, him being the "Disappointment", as his Family only knows his cover of being in the "303rd Logistical Studies Group".
He keeps his team and check, and Rarely comes out of it himself.

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Captain Hill

Posts : 77
Join date : 2010-01-28

PostSubject: Re: TF121 Captain Mark "Deadeye" Hill REDONE.   Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:43 pm

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TF121 Captain Mark "Deadeye" Hill REDONE.
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